Release Date: 29-12-2014
Artisti Principali:
Codice: LSRCD136/2014

Francesco Chiapperini was born in Bari and lives in Milan. He studied clarinet and saxophone and has won several scholarships for his musical talents. No Pair is his electric project, and his sixth as band leader.

His three travel companions on this adventure share his musical vision:

a mix of free jazz, rock, and avant-garde experimental music. What comes out is a high-class musical study that is all very evocative. The music originates in the language of jazz, but evolves as it passes through rock, jungle, and noise; all the while within the most contemporary styles of electric music. The structures of the compositions are usually abandoned, giving them an elastic feel while the continual elaborations make them richer. Improvised tension and breakpoints are evident on this aptly named album, "Chaos and Order", where situations of apparent unstructured "chaos" are continually reorganized in "ordered" sections.