Release Date: 01/02/09
Artisti Principali:
Codice: amrn015

EA Silence trio crosses dramatic soundscapes, outfiltering a nitid, spherical, dense matter.
Whispering shadows gently flowing in the hidden dark space of an ancient synagogue.
A morphing  thunder pushed by acoustical swords, generating  long distance waves and slow, inexorable tides.
A stunning  contemporary  work deeply conceived to get  perfect sounding ideas, dancing with the space around.

“This work – not infrequently humorous in its transparent and ironic combinations, its modified attacks, its deformed delevopment of melodic curves – presents us with an endless transformation effected through a rumoristic double, which ends up being a real shadow of the sound, or else suddenly merges with the background, leaving the listeners at the mercy of the genuine magic of a tonal quest, of contrasting expressive climates. Therefore, every small reverberaton, every minimal alteration in tuning, every tonal movement in the doubling of space around the lyrical song of the instruments, sounds as if emerging from the background and becomes the real motor of an improvisational quest, not shy of using a score.”