Release Date: 11/09/17
Artisti Principali:
Codice: RRJ1035
Nexus is a variable setting project that during his long history - 37 years up to now - has been able to change according to the times, neverthless keeping being faithful to its founding principles, the same ones that the two leaders, Tiziano Tononi and Daniele Cavallanti, set back at the beginning of their adventure in 1980. On behalf of their tenth album with Nexus, Tononi and Cavallanti have riunited a line-up of excellence in the field of avant-music in Italy, setting up a confrontation between their own musical experiences and concepts, and the ones of the newer generations, without loosing tracks of their signature treats...among these, a fertile relationship with the best tradition in Afro-American music, a deep Blues feeling, the integration of different musical languages in the production of original material, the collective idea of music making through the revitalization of an ancient jazz tradition, now dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, a group sound that was intended to have a preminent role in affirming a stylistic identity, both solid in its principles and at the same time everchanging in the way these same ones keep being reproposed. In this regard, the choice of these Nexus version's "actors" has been quite interesting, all of them gave a deep contribution to the realization of this new musical painting, everchanging, multi-faced, in which all of them found their own personal balance between individual identity and the necessity to underpone this aspect to the greater picture and to collective project. Some of them were more "trained" in working with us, the likes of Emanuele Parrini, Francesco Chiapperini and Silvia Bolognesi, while others were totally newcomers, Gabriele Mitelli, who's played with us here for the first time, and Pasquale Mirra. The new compositions, as always by Tiziano Tononi and Daniele Cavallanti, mirror what's been said above, a caleidoscope of situations, atmospheres, orchestrations, timbric solutions and structuring of the materials, and they move from more "formal" pieces towards only "suggested" steps and to the informal, to flow into an unpredictable final, to surprise the listener, and to make him reflect...on this music today, on its developements in the present time and in the near future, on the presence of "sideways" or "escape" ways, the essence itself of the artistic expression, in a world that clones and often doesn't imagine, that produces the highest peaks of instrumental skills and professionalism but forgets that music should be essentially emotions, and poetry, and the truthful result of what we are..