Release Date: 15/12/10
Artisti Principali:
Codice: nBn/005

Just Add Water

Nico Soffiato Quintet

With all the members of the Nico Soffiato Quartet residing in New York City, the group began playing and performing together in 2008. Incorporating influences from the variety of jazz scenes in the city, each member of the Quartet weaves their own life and musical experience into the composition, performance and improvisation of each tune. Collaborating on all fronts, most of the music on the record is composed and arranged by Nico Soffiato. Playing extensively around New York City, the Quartet has developed great rapport with an enthusiastic following. This record captures the work of two years of writing, performing, and   growing. Showcasing the deep interaction of the members, the record demonstrates something that is constantly evolving, something that illuminates the craft of process. Marking the chronology of this process, this record uncovers the group’s musical direction. Through collective improvisation—a key aspect of the Quartet’s performance—the attitude and quality of the music has organically evolved into what can be heard as the musical identity of the record.

Nico Soffiato guitar

Nico Soffiato, Italian guitarist and composer, lives in Brooklyn, NY. He attended Berklee College of Music, thanks to a Best Entering Talent Students scholarship, and graduated magna cum laude. In New York he leads the improvised music group Paradigm Refrain with which he has a monthly residency in Brooklyn. The group has a diverse cast and guests have included: David Tronzo, Nate Wooley, Marco Cappelli, Sunny Kim, Bruno Raberg, Danilo Gallo, Zeno de Rossi and many others. Nico co-leads a duo with trumpeter Josh Deutsch and they will be releasing a record in early 2011.

Nick Videen alto sax

In 2001 he received a scholarship to attend New England Conservatory, where graduated with distinction in 2005. He can be heard on Bob Moses' latest release: The Father's Day B'hash, as well as two albums released by The Superpowers (an award winning 10-piece afrobeat band): Revival Time and Trance for Nation.

Giacomo Merega el. bass

Giacomo moved to Brooklyn from Boston in 2007, where he had studied at Berklee and then at The New England Conservatory. His debut CD The light and other things featuring slide-guitar icon David Tronzo, was released on Creative Nation Music to critical acclaim in 2008. His most recent work Descendants, in a quartet co-lead along with saxophonist Noah Kaplan and featuring guitarist Joe Morris, is scheduled for release in mid 2010 on Hat Hut - hatHOLOGY.

Zach Mangan drums

Drummer Zach Mangan, originally from Minnesota, lives in Brooklyn, NY. He received a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music. He is a sought-after sideman and has opened for Happy Apple, The Gang Font and Bill McHenry. He has performed internationally with recording artist Sydney Wayser, including the South-by-South West, Newport Folk Festivall,

Montreux Jazz Festival and Yokohama Improv Festival in Japan.


“With creative treatments and impressive attention to nuance, the ensemble crafts intriguing, enigmatic music that stands out from the otherwise oversaturated jazz scene and its tired sound.” –John Engelmann, Knocks from

the Underground NYC

“Soffiato is a player who has studied the greats during his upbringing, but has also managed to develop a unique voice along the way; not an easy task for any player to achieve.” “…Just Add Water brings to light all of the things that make modern jazz great: openness to interaction, solid grooves and a respect for the tradition while firmly looking forward.” –Matthew Warnock