Release Date: 15/06/01
Artisti Principali:
Codice: ART003
The combination of several musical languages inspired by South American popular music and elaborated in the European quartet tradition has now led to the production of a disc entitled LOS MUSICANTES.
Los Musicantes is the outcome of a collaboration that aimed at combining several musical languages: this experience has always stimulated my work and has been completed thanks to the sincere participation of the involved artists.
In this specific case, the artistic contribution given to me by Leonardo was essential. The materials he provided, his collaboration as an author/composer, and the strong characterisation of the interpretation were the stepping stones from which there began a process of elaboration that carried out a comparison between materials of popular South American inspiration and materials from the European quartet tradition.
I thank Franca for the value she lends to my work, Nicola, Lucia, Elena and Francesca for their sensitivity and professionality... and finally Leonardo for the mark he has left on this project.
Valter Sivilotti