Release Date: 01/11/09
Artisti Principali:
Codice: amrn020

Recorded in february 2008 this magic quintet delivers fresh, fragrant, mysterious and warm istant compositions that will push your listening in unexpected sound realms.

Conceived as “different rooms of the same building”, each  musician is like a door opened to a possibility.  Oblique narrations with a great dramatic flavour, these tracks are a spacial walk meeting sudden windows, flight of stairs, shades and scents of a terrific sound house .

Pure as the soundtrack of a Japanese theatre piece, Five Rooms music gets the crispy touch of fabolous John Russell on his legendary guitar, the acrobatic voice of Jean Michel Van Schouwburg, the lyrical openess of Andrea Serrapiglio’s cello strings, the telluric incursions of Angelo Contini’s trombone and the variable geometry of Gianni Mimmo’s soprano sax lines.

Fantastic super-jewel box layout with elegant booklet, along with  B&W photos by Elda Papa who has dedicated a room portrait to each musician, be confident to find here the best Amirani line.