Release Date: 01/03/10
Artisti Principali:
Codice: amrn022
Alifting wind revealing how sparkling is the relationship between two musicians that share intentions, derivations, approaches whole perspective dialogic moves.
They both look at the sound as a morphing matter, with a plastic sculpting attitude.
The goal is (again) to make distances possible knowledge areas, a contemporary, lyric meditation.
The sound tree genealogy: eternal roots, changing leaves

One of Athena’s epithets is "Grey-eyed".
Her gift to the Greeks was the useful olive tree.
The underside of the olive tree's leaf is grey, and when the wind lifts the leaves, it shows Athena's many "eyes"

Great contemporary istant compositions from a challenging duo signed by the elegant and intense touch on piano by Gianni Lenoci and the morphing sound statement of the soprano saxophone of Gianni Mimmo. A memorable recording proudly co-produced with