Release Date: 03/02/09
Artisti Principali:
Codice: LSRCD110
On this brand new CD, produced by Fabrizio Perissinotto, who originally conceived and commissioned the project to the two musicians, Cavallanti and Tononi present two long and ambitious suites ("Faces" by Daniele Cavallanti and "Phases" by Tiziano Tononi) for an extraordinary high level octet that features American violin rising star Jenny Scheinman, Emanuele Parrini on viola, Achille Succi on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Massimo Mariani on guitar, Giovanni Maier on double and electric bass and Pacho on percussion. "...There's a strong and coherent musical concept here, warm, higly creative and very inspired, full of visions and ideas...." (IL BUSCADERO, Italy)"This is record to love, and the better way to do it is to get lost among his notes.." (ROCKERILLA, Italy)"There are way too many great solos, inspired ensemble writing and playing throughout this entire epic-length disc to note here. Each time I listen to this gem, I hear so much more. 80 minutes is the most one can fit on an entire disc and considering that this disc is wonderful from the beginning to the end makes it even better. Bravo, bravo!" (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY, NYC)