Release Date: 01/12/08
Artisti Principali:
Codice: amrn014

Anthony Braxton ‘s periodical incursions in standards repertory  are always a new way to think classical structures.
His style is immediately clear: pixeling notes, sudden fastness, stretched sentences.

A live recording with all the freshness one needs to be in deep touch with creativity and joyous interplay.
Italian partners provide a vivid sustain, an evocative tone palette, a great rythmic support  and sincere brilliant solos .

This edition is packed is an elegant cartboard 6 cds box set including a 26 pages booklet with three essays by
italian poet and writer Erika Dagnino:

“Positions for listening”
“Real space and dislocation”
“A possible anthropogony?”

and completed by detailed bios and quotes by featured musicians and a prefaction by co-producer Gianni Mimmo.