Release Date: 13/07/10
Artisti Principali:
Despite its immense popularity, guitar is an instrument that has 
shown limitations in some repertoires: for example, there’s no one 
comparable to Debussy or Stravinsky among composers for classi- 
cal guitar, and nobody among the greats has written something 
really fundamental, with the notable exception of Heitor Villa- 
lobos or Leo Brouwer. But it's in the jazz and pop world that guitar 
has found its full ransom: in particular the electric one - widespre- 
ad during the second half of Thirties - has opened unexpected 
tone colours' horizons. Electric guitar merges timbre and harmo- 
ny, transforms the counterpoint into energy's vectors, renders the 
colour into rhythm . Four guitars, as the Tetratkys quartet, multiply 
these effects in a kind of three-dimensional audio experience, 
creating an environment in which lines and chords, melody frag- 
ments, tonal stains, harmonic tensions, reverberate. Like an 
abstract painting seen at distance, Tetraktys' universe composes 
discernible sound images: while in detail, it’s composed by a 
swarm of fascinating sounds-eruptions, each with its own history 
and path. In this dense texture, trying to understand what is written
or improvised becomes irrelevant: music sustains itself and freely 
floats before our eyes like an electric color stain
(Stefano Zenni)