Release Date: 01/09/07
Artisti Principali:
Codice: amrn008
crosses imaginary , dreamed and materic roads.
Contemporary  music composed and played in a impressive and soulful way.
 is the romantic myth of the adventure traveller.
He belongs to the walk
He hasn’t a birthpalce to come back.
Like a flame he doesn’t tarry.
Strange lands and separation, these are the Wanderer’s lot..
When a man is a wanderer and stranger,
he shouldnot be gruff nor overbearing.
A wanderer has no fixed abode; his home is the road.
Therefore he must
take care to remain upright and steadfast,
so that he sojourns only in the
proper places, associating only with good people.
When grass on a mountain takes fire, there is bright light.
However, the fire
does not linger in one place,
but travels on to new fuel.