Sabato, Novembre 16, 2019 - 17:00

Discover the new sounds of the burgeoning Italian jazz scene as I-Jazz brings together O-Janà and Hobby Horse

They’re two acts whose music would be equally at home in a jazz club or a nightclub. O-Janà – a collaboration between vocalist Ludovica Manzo and electronic musician Alessandra Bossa – create new forms from a blend of free improv, electronics and songwriting. Hobby Horse bring together a similarly diverse set of influences, borrowing from slam poetry, techno, bossa nova, prog, hip-hop and beyond. At times it’s a squall, at others, it’s hypnotic – and it’s always totally captivating.


Ludovica Manzo, voice; Alessandra Bossa, piano, electronics

O-Janà (from the word Janara – “witch” in Neapolitan) is a duo that brings together singer Ludovica Manzo and electronic musician/pianist Alessandra Bossa, two composers and improvisers with different backgrounds. The combination of these two artists, each charged with spontaneity, curiosity and audacity, is exciting and the result of it isa music which moves from electronics to songwriting to free-improvisation.

Their album “Inland Images” is a label-free journey between icy abstraction and vibrant pulsation through boundless territories, where song, melody and chamber music find a place along with neoclassical and jazz nuances. The entire album is a life story lived by the artists who have established a dialogue from very distant places and latitudes, and this is why it is a work of contemporary and international breath


Hobby Horse

Dan Kinzelman, winds, percussion, voice, electronics; Joe Rehmer, bass, harmonium, voice, electronics; Stefano Tamborrino, drums,
voice, electronics

Hobby Horse is a progressive/experimental/crossover jazz trio based in Italy, figurehead
of the rapidly developing new Italian jazz scene, but equally comfortable playing underground rock venues and dance clubs. 8 years of intense activity, 6 records released and concerts throughout Europe and North America.

Their music is a wildly unpredictable mix of styles, a melting pot of musical languages ranging from slam poetry to techno to psychedelic bossanova, prog rock, hip-hop and chamber music. Passing from hypnotic drones to violent explosions of noise, they manage
to maintain an underlying sense of balance, shared exploration and discovery, sculpting their sets into an overarching form which maintainsartistic coherence despite (or perhaps due to) the drastic contrasts itcontains.

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